Creating A Vision {Board}

I’ve started to embrace the power of intentions, of visions, and setting really big goals. I’ve always done this to some extent, but it wasn’t until the last year or so that I really started to practice this practice.

I put the eye rolling away [ok, I still do this sometimes] and opened my mind and heart.

Maybe it’s the value of a team that Jesse and I have created. Maybe it’s simply because 30s will be the best years of my life. Maybe it’s because living alone or apart for the last 7 months has really made me spend a whole lot of quality time with – me.

Whatever it is, it’s working. Because I have been able to attach feelings to goals and openly talk about where I want to be or go. When I think about doing this, it’s really hard. It’s hard because it requires you to think, to question, and, to be real. At the potential cost of changing life as it is [perspective is key here].

And, it comes down to a couple of things.

It requires you to take fear out of the equation [or, if you leave it there, use it to your advantage], it asks you to let others opinions of you just be [not everyone is going to agree with you or like you – that’s okay] and, it reminds you that life is about balance [it’s possible you may have to give up one thing to make another happen].

But, if you can do all of these things, then you hold something powerful and from there I am going to suggest that sometimes you need to take this one step further and remind yourself of all of these things daily. And, why wouldn’t you do this daily…? The things we are conscious of, the things we remind ourselves of, the things we set our intentions towards and focus on – well those are the very things we seem to make happen.

The pictures, the words, the magazine piles, the assembly [cutting, gluing, tacking] – that’s just the stuff – this board is your adventure, it’s your chance to sit with yourself and talk through your life wants.  

If you are ready to do THIS, than you are ready to create YOUR board. Here’s how:


1. Focus: What is your intention? Where do you see yourself in 5 years, 10 years?


2. Mantra: What is the inner voice telling you? What words drive you, inspire you, shape you?


3. Dream: Money aside. If you could go anywhere, have anything, do everything – what would that be?


4. Gather: You need supplies. It’s time to bring your wants to life. This is where you get to be you. Pick your surface [poster board, canvas, card board, bulletin board], find your words/pictures/visuals [magazines, print offs, cards, photos, trinkets, etc.], attachment [glue, pins, tape, tacks, you pick the source] and of course you will need a good pair of scissors.


5. Create: This board is yours. It represents you, your energy, your passion and where you want to focus all of these. Take some time to lay it out [make sure your bulletin board is not upside down before attaching all pieces]. Remember you are going to look at this each and every day.


6. Display: Pick a place to display your board. It should be visible daily, and possibly frequently throughout the day. This is going to be your daily visualization. If you get good at this, life seems to flow more smoothly.


Your board is as powerful as you make it. Focus on how you want to feel and not just the material things you want in life. You are going to mess it up. You are going to want to build it and tear it apart and then rebuild it again. Make it your life and bring it to life.

Maybe you are practicing my old tricks, eye rolling at me right now – and, that’s okay, I value your opinion too. But, if your eyes aren’t rolling, and you think you may life to try this too, then I encourage you to create your own. [I’d love if you’d share it with us too].

Our board highlights:

Photo Capture, Strolling along Church Street: Because the feeling of carefreeness during these adventures is something I’d love in everyday life.

Coffee: A reminder to always take time for us, even if it’s 5 minutes, to have coffee. Or if it’s coffee overlooking the lake in our future home.

Quotes: Because the words are powerful!

Home: Life is more about creating a home sweet home than having a house or houses.

Paddleboard: In the short term, we have goals to switch up our training. And, nothing resonates with us more than a morning on the lake.

  1. Greece: Well, Jesse promised to take me here in two years. I’m holding him to it – for so many reasons.

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