Running Season Is Here – Essentials For Summer Running

It’s here. It’s really here. The season we have all been waiting for. . .

[Or, maybe just the season I have been waiting for.]

And, no, it’s not bikini season. It’s RUNNING season [and, running attire that mimics swimwear].

For those of us that live in New England, where winter graces us with it’s presence 6 months out of the year [ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration], the day the temperatures finally read 70 degrees, we declare that it’s…you guessed it, summer HOT. And, if we are going to endure the long wished for, unbearably, abrasive, heat [we complained in the snow, we will probably complain in the heat too], there are a few summer essentials [and, tips] I suggest you keep in mind.

GEAR: The best part. You don’t need a lot of it. Your clothes don’t have to come in layers anymore — embrace it. Grab your favorite shorts and sports bra, or just shorts [for those gents reading this – do any gents read this..?], lace up those sneaks and go. And, don’t forget a coveted possession – a headband or hat. They will keep the sweat from running in your eyes and it’s the perfect way to cool down when you pass a stream or fountain [or whatever cold water source you have as a road runner].

WARM UP: Make sure to do the proper warm up. You no longer have an excuse – you can’t claim you will get frostbite during the process. And, the Vitamin D, it’s good for you.

SUNSHINE: Which brings us to the Vitamin D. It’s good for the soul. But, wear your sunblock [don’t take my bad habits], and don’t forget about your ears. Pick your favorite pair of non-bouncing sunglasses and put on your lip moisturizer. And, don’t worry if people don’t understand your racerback tan lines. I promise your best friends get it.

HYDRATE: Do I really have to remind you that hydration is essential? Drink your water – all day long, every single day. Carry a bottle, a pack, a belt. I don’t care which one you choose, just make sure to bring it along. And, fill it with electrolytes. [like, Isagenix Hydrate]. Don’t thank me, your body will provide all the necessary thanks.

COOL DOWN: Don’t start with excuses here, be thankful you even have to let your body cool down. Remember, you just spent months shivering and trying to warm up. So, let your heartrate come back to normal, and then COOL DOWN, literally. Go swimming, take a cold shower, drink some ice cold water. And, on the days it is REALLY hot, think about cooling down ahead of time – cold water towels to the back of your neck – and, your body will be good to go. Or run early, yes, before the sun creates those beams that just won’t stop shining on you.

LUBE UP: You are going to sweat [and, if you don’t – that’s a very bad thing], so make sure to add some lubrication to thoseareas – the ones you know might cause you some misery. There is nothing worse than sweating the skin off your body because you chose to ignore this. [Body Glide, Trail Toes- make them your best friends].

FRIENDS: This is the perfect time of year to get your friends to join in on the fun. Don’t wait until it’s dark in the morning and at night, and the temperatures read sub zero to try to convince them that running is in fact, fun – get them out there now!

Summer is the best season for running [tan lines included] – just plan to adapt accordingly.

Happy weekend, friends.


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