Home Workout: Leg Day for Runners

featured here: band hops 

featured here: band hops

Strength training is absolutely crucial to a running training plan. So why is it that it is usually the first thing to go when the miles start to increase? Blame it on time, blame it on energy, blame it on fear that it will negatively impact your running, blame it on the dog…

I am going to go ahead and put it out there – I’m blaming this on, YOU. And, that’s not really a bad thing. Because if you are responsible for this, than you can change it.

Make it easy, you don’t even need a gym for a great workout. Stick to the basics, they never fail.

Here is a favorite Muscles & Miles Workout to get you started [or keep you going]:

45 seconds exercise/15 seconds rest

[you choose the number of rounds]


alternating forward lunges

alternating side lunges

bridge lifts

plyo jumping jacks

to be performed between sets 

1 x lateral band walks

1 x band hops

[use length of workout space]

…back to squats

*for a challenge, add weight to the main set [with the exception of plyo jacks], my favorite way to do this – Wreck Bag

[find it here: CLICK]

Let’s pretend the “Wait..I’m supposed to do something other than running…” response doesn’t exist and get cross-training. Supplementing your running miles with strengthening your muscles is bound to make you a stronger, faster and more efficient runner. [Now, how can you argue with that…?]

Enjoy the workout!


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