How to Write A Blog [Just start..!]

So you decided that your self-proclaimed writer self was going to start a blog in 2016 – so, now what…?


The [y] [o] [u] with a go-go-go mind, too much to say, no sugar coating added, [overly] opinionated and genuinely passionate [y] [o] [u] has nothing to say – GO FIGURE.

Maybe this is a bit of an exaggeration and not entirely true because at any given second, I have a lot to say. Maybe it’s more along the lines of – I don’t even know where to start, or what to say – [but, I am going to say it all].

And, so you have it – the start of this no name B L O G. [by, no name, I do not mean it won’t take on readership, it simply means, my NON-CREATIVE mind has no idea what to name it…YET!]

This blog, as I initially dreamed it to be, would have been an extension of my carefully handwritten training journal and an accountability tool of sorts. But, the more I prepared, and let my perfectionist anxieties prevail, it has [in the non-live version] become something much more than initial intent. And, that’s ok.

But, you as my readers, better know what you are getting.

While you will most certainly hear all about my [and, OUR – Jesse plays a huge part in this, if you haven’t met him yet – he is my favorite adventure partner] running, fitness, healthy living and adventuring adventures – you are going to get all the other ||s t u f f|| too. I call it stuff, because that’s exactly what it is; there is no better way to describe it.

So what you will probably see, equates more to my open book diary and much more about the life a d v e n t u r e running has brought me [us].

But, please don’t worry – the workouts will be here, the recaps of the [crazy] things we do, our favorite gear (inclusive of lip gloss and high socks, well for me anyways), our favorite foods, our favorite people, our training progress, and, the facts – that will all be here too. But, if running and training AND adventuring has taught me anything – it’s that training has to be enough without becoming everything.

[Easy enough right?] Not really, and we will chat about that next, in how to balance something that much more resembles a circus act [than a balancing act].

If you back track or switch back through this blog, you will find some stories of the crazy adventures, some inspiration, and some real life. I hope you will follow this adventure – sometimes I may be a daily blogger, other times I’ll wait until I have something heart string tugging/deep/thoughtful/mindful [the classification is up for discussion] to share or a really good story.

If you like [or don’t like – yes, criticism is openly accepted too] what you read, follow along and let me know. I’d love to hear from you. xx. –Crystal


**SIDE NOTE: Please remember that I am not the only one behind this blog. It comes down to the support from my favorite adventure partner [and, a little kick to my butt cheeks to get this up]. Yes, I’m a bit of a perfectionist and with much hesitation, the blog is here. But, it will be a work-in-progress [always]. And, you will not always hear from just me — what fun would that be? Jesse has some pretty incredible things to share too. So make sure to check it ALL out. And, remember we are a team [so if I say it here, well, Jesse’s ears have probably heard it TOO many times].


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