Training Week 9.12 – 9.18

Training for the ultra world [and, life] is nothing short of a chaotic balancing act. And, I am going to attempt to chronicle that adventure here each week, with a little less chaos.

The 2017 race schedule is set. And, that means training is just starting to fall back in place. Let’s clarify, training really never disappeared – it just lacked the structure of a set day-by-day plan and intensity. It was a reset period. They say that it’s good for us. I don’t know if I always feel the same mid-process, but deep down inside I know it is a good thing. It’s the physical and mental break needed after intense training months and crazy, busy life.

So here I am, mid – September, getting the muscles and miles back in order to take on Georgia Death Race and my second attempt at 100 miles. It’s months away — 6 months to be exact, but this is where it all starts to happen. You don’t wait until a month ahead of time to start training for serious miles. I also happen to think it’s pretty cool to be able to go run 30 miles with a friend with a weeks notice. So, that’s what I’m training for…ultras and life.

On Saturday, I found myself stressed and angry at my weekly mileage. It wasn’t terribly off point, but it wasn’t where it needs to be. I let real life get in the way one too many times. Travel for a wedding and a fun run threw off the weekend long runs. Short and sweet workouts filled early mornings. Routine is still falling into place. And, I have no one to blame for that, except myself. Yes, life is meant to be fun, and we need fun, but we also need adequate training.

And, I need time on feet.

Monday: 5 miles + Arms & Shoulders

Tuesday: Short & Sweet Circuit and Hills

Wednesday: Chest & Back

Thursday: Leg Day Mix Up [Mountain Hike and Treadmill Hill Circuit with Lower Body Strength]

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 4 Dog Miles

Sunday: Trail to Ale 10k

Total Miles: Too few! Sub 30 miles. just doesn’t work

Changes to be made: Short and sweet can no longer be short and sweet. Morning circuits are going to include more running in addition to body weight exericses/functional movement. And, the weekend long runs are non-negotiable. Period. [That may mean a 4:00 AM wake up call on Saturday AND Sunday – so be it.]

Luckily, every Monday starts a new training week [yes, in my OCD head all training weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday and they do not overlap]. Every week starts new goals, intentions and a plan to get me to the next week and next race.

So, hey friends, it’s real life. Training isn’t easy, but if it’s what you do, you make it work for you. I’ll remember this as I ramp up the miles and balance the chaos.


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