Window Seat Coffee & Life: Learning From the Less Than Perfect

As I sat in the big picture window of a favorite coffee shop, drinking a cold brew from a mason jar, and soaking up the conversation of the day, I was once again reminded that life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. Now, let’s clarify this – as this moment, the cozy window seat [that we have truly adopted for our best thinking], a-maz-ing coffee, and a Saturday morning with Kait, was perfect and is exactly what I need in my life.

That thought was pulled from conversation, listening, and the life experiences that are shared from this perch.

So, let me chit-chat this thought out with you…

It’s in those less than perfect moments that we learn to learn. That we learn to accept, and breathe and become intentional in actions. That we learn to trust those gut feelings, tear to your eye, talk for three hour – passions. And, it’s from those life moments that we find our way and our people. And, we continue to open our hearts and minds, and connect.

* * *

I met Kait when I moved to Maine last year and over window seat coffee, sweat sessions, and the course of life, we have connected. We connected because she is one of those people that just seem to get it [or get me…?]. Maybe that’s the better way to look at? The type of person that is willing to embrace the less than perfect moments to dream and scheme and do something more. And, it is that something more that I want to start to share with you.


I’ll let Kait tell her own story, but let me remind you of this, it was those less than perfect life experiences that fuel today’s passion. It’s the heart, and why, and force behind the big picture vision.

In the most basic sense, we are talking, Yoga for Athletes…

Hold up. Let’s make it clear that I am not going to teach you about yoga. You were probably thinking — since when does she do yoga..? That’s right, I don’t. Because after one Sunday afternoon hot yoga experience, I retired before I even made it out the front door [but, we will share that story another day]. One and done.

I do not practice yoga [yet..]. But, I just happen to know someone who does. And, Kait is an incredible Yogi. But, first she was an incredible athlete. And, it wasn’t until she found yoga in the post college years that she saw her own ability to channel all of those less than perfect situations into a new [and, positive] perspective. I get this. I feel this. It’s the control and connection I feel as an ultra runner. Kait or Crystal. Yogi or Runner. We both know, that this development is never ending.


So, what are we really talking about? And, how does this apply to you too?

From my perspective, as a runner, there are really two things that separate good and great. The first is injury prevention and the second falls in the less than tangible world – the thoughts in my head [those thoughts I was describing above]. The only way to enhance performance is to take on the programming and conditioning that leads to disciplined running.

Because I can promise you this, without attention to these two principles [recovery and mental training], my running [and, life] is likely to hover around good. And, I’m not really one for settling for good when there is possibility of great.

This is my world. A space where I have learned to seek constant [self] development. That goes for running and for real life. And, timing is impeccable. Thanks to the best of friendships and crashing down the mountain a few weeks ago – I have my non-running plan in place.

..Why Yoga [for Athletes]? It’s strategic. It recognizes that I am Crystal first, and a runner second. That’s important. That is how you transition the less than perfect, that is how you transition the good to great. That is how you recognize, the pieces all start to fall in place.

This is exactly how I did not let the world crash around me post fall. This is incredible – this is the first time I have EVER been able to do this. I have my moments, but overall, I’ve been positive. And, look where the positive spin has brought me?


New experience– taking the less than perfect moment and learning.

Are you ready for this? Make sure to check in and see what’s happening over the next couple of weeks. There will be a lot more coffee house chatter AND the practice of yoga. And, possibly my wish for an extra couple of hours each day will be granted. Exciting!

We are doing this! Because these antics, cannot really be considered yoga.


PS – If you ever visit Portland, Maine, please put Omi’s on your list of destinations. The vibe and coffee are incredible and I will extend my self-invite now.


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