Running Tights Never Lie: Rabbit Long Legs Review


As I prepare to spend a full ten minutes getting dressed for my outdoor long run today [Mother Nature, you really know how to make winter running a whole lot of fun this year…], I have decided to procrastinate a little bit longer and tell you about my favorite running tights.

When Rabbit said that these are the “gotta-have, never-take-off, looks amazing” tights – I kind of believed them. Emphasis on kind of. But, I am picky, and hold my running tights to the highest of expectations, so would this word really hold true…?

There was only one way to find out: wear the tights, run all the miles.

So did this word hold true…?

As evidenced by my running pictures of late, the answer is yes. They are absolutely not “just-another-pair-of-running-tights.” They are among my most prized possessions. They are the tights that you try to justify another wear because you didn’t really sweat THAT much and the tights that you do one extra load of laundry for just because you want to wear them on the long run tomorrow. [Yes, I am that girl. My best guess is that you have probably done one of these too].


Here’s why I am fully wearing them in [not to be confused with out]:

  1. They fit tight, but not too tight. You know, the pants stay put without giving unwanted stomach rolls or having to pull them up to readjust every five steps. That means they give when you run, the waistband doesn’t cut off your circulation, and they stay in place for the most happy running legs. In scientific terms, “87% polyester, 13% spandex.”
  1. They have mesh behind the knee. This is absolutely my favorite feature. If there is one thing that can ruin a long run, it’s that annoying bunch of fabric behind your knee. Problem solved.
  1. They are pretty warm. And, let’s just say warmth is relevant to running environment right now. I live in Maine. Some days Mother Nature plays nice, other days, she has an evil grin on her face. So warmth is relative – in the Arctic, nothing is warm. The important part is that these tights are warm enough and comfortable. I’ve worn them in 3 degrees and I’ve worn them in 30 degrees. And, guess what, comfortable for both. [If you first tell yourself that 3 degrees is comfortable]. My point, they are warm without the extra material, thickness or snowpant-like running tights. Let’s be serious, comfort may have to come before warmth. Warmth can be made up by movement. I can’t move when my tights are uncomfortable.
  1. They aren’t called long legs for no reason. The long legs tights are flattering. The colors and patterns are spot on. Black, grey and blue – well, it’s like they were made for me. Check them out here and decide for yourself.

I came back to put the finishing touches on this post after I spent 10 minutes getting ready for 10 miles. And, then ran 10 miles with Jesse. My long legs carried me through.


BUT, is it summer running season yet? You know, Rabbit also makes some incredible shorts.


PS – Name your favorite tights here.




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