My Not So Top Secret Trip to Mexico: The Short Story

Remember when I went to Mexico over a month ago? Well, I’m finally here to share some of the details. Thank you for your patience. I know you have been waiting for this FOREVER, right?

We packed a lot of life into one 36-hour trip into the Copper Canyon. And, I will be back with more words, but for now, enjoy a glimpse into this top secret initiative –
Operation Farm and Run.

Follow along in pictures first, the words will be coming in small anecdotes over the next couple of weeks.


There is a lot of heart, passion and strength in these mountains. Urique is full of life, rich in experience and filled with beauty.



As we drove our first 12 hours, we were enriched with story, good company and the scenic view of Mexican life.


As we ran though the town streets we were greeted with friendly smiles, good mornings and fascinated looks.


As we tried to catch up on our beauty sleep, we were serenades by a rooster – all night long.


As we ate at Mama Titas, we experienced love, compassion and thoughtfulness from a woman who didn’t know us, but smiled big and eagerly fed us recipe after recipe.



We visited the Farm, where we saw the fruits of labor – in the form of chia – after a quiet, year long initiative backed by ethic, hard work and sustainable collaboration.



As we eagerly ran behind Arnulfo, we felt the mountain air and trails – the smiles wide, breath short and legs challenged, and I schemed how and when to return.


Hosted by the most genuinely good human I have ever met, we learned, we feasted and we were reminded of the power of human heart, grit and strength.


As we celebrated, we brought the much needed rain, darkness fell over the town and we were repeatedly reminded just how far we were from home.


As we drove back to Chihuahua we were reminded that the travel was long, fear is relative and winter can arrive when tans were anticipated.


But, time is time, the 36 hours spent in Urique was life changing. Travel fills the cups, warms a grateful heart and brings new life perspective. And, just like that, we were back on a plane at sunrise, heading home.

* * *

That is just the start of a really great adventure story. Now for the important details.

Operation Farm and Run

This is the top secret operation that brought us together. But, we were connected before that by one very simple concept – the joy of movement. . .

[photo by: Stefania Curto]

In late November, I received a surprise invitiation to join Health Warrior on a trip to the Copper Canyon. With a quick check in with Jesse [dog sitting logistics], I was ready to say “yes.” Let’s just credit the opportunity to this:


A few years ago, three former college athletes, inspired by Born to Run, decided to found a company and create a product – Health Warrior, the makers of Chia Bar. Why chia? Well, the Tarahumara are well known for a nutrient dense diet, comprised of plant based foods like, chia seeds.


Fast forward a few years and many chia bars later, and the founders learn of the drought that has plagued the Tarahumara and decide to put some creativity into action. Operation Farm and Run was born and is becoming the small answer to the big challenges faced by the Tarahumara today. [SNEAK PEAK]


Operation Farm and Run is designed to help restore farms and preserve the culture.

So, back in December, we traveled to Urique, deep in the heart of the Copper Canyon, to celebrate the first chia harvest. This was just the ground work, the founding blocks for what is to come. In 2017, Health Warrior aims to rehabilitate two additional farms for chia cultivation.

Here is how you can help. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign here and learn more about this sustainable initiative.

And, this Spring, watch for the Mexican Chocolate Chia Bar – the portion of the sales from this new flavor will support Operation Farm & Run. YUM!

This trip still seems a little surreal and I will continue to share small anecdotes over the next days and weeks — all the highlights from the trip. Otherwise, you would currently be a few paragraphs in to a really long book.


Before the anecdotes, check out the Kickstarter Campaign to see the joy of movement come to life.

3 Responses
  • Sandra Laflamme
    January 20, 2017

    This is so incredibly great! We are all about farm revitalization in our family as we work to bring back family farms in our country as a part of our organic egg farm. I can’t even begin to imagine how inspiring this trip must have been. Your pictures I am sure only tell a small piece of the story. I cannot wait to read more!

    • Muscles & Miles
      January 23, 2017

      Farm revitalization is essential and it is definitely a concept that many of us are probably far disconnected from. I am grateful that I grew up around farming and had the opportunity to work for Cabot where I witness the farming cooperative. The experience was incredible, still a bit surreal = but, definitely a reminder that there is a world that exists that is far from our own. The hard work and grit is aspirational.

      I didn’t know you had an egg farm – this is incredible, what a learning experience for the kiddos too.

  • Bablofil
    January 23, 2017

    Thanks, great article.

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