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Shoe Love – Topo Athletic Ultrafly Review

Well, the day has finally come. Here I am talking about a road shoe. And, a road shoe that I LOVE, at that. Now, let’s be careful in assumptions, I have not learned to love running on the road, but it has become a necessity this winter [yes, it is STILL winter in Maine]. To ...


Training Lately & The Countdown to Georgia Death Race

. . .And, just like that, we are 3 weeks out from Georgia Death Race. Well, maybe it’s not really, just like that. Because just like that has included a whole lot of hard training this winter and a whole lot of real life. That’s the thing about the ultra running world - it somehow has ...


Georgia Death Race Recap – Her Edition

What do you ask for, for your 30th birthday? An entry to Georgia Death Race of course. We signed up promptly, as soon as race registration opened. The calendars were marked -- this was one we were not going to miss. Then came the foresight that we were going to have to train through the winter to ...


Winter Running: Favorite Gear & Tricks to Weatherproof Your Run

Winter running. It’s all what you make of it right..? Wrong. I don’t think that the perspective flip applies when the temperatures are best suited for snowmen, it takes 10 minutes to get dressed and your bottles freeze solid within minutes of the run start. Okay, I kid . You can make the most of a cold ...

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