Smelly Shoe Fix: Arm & Hammer Shoe Refresher Spray Review

No one likes a smelly pair of shoes. No one.  And, let’s be clear, I’m not accusing you of having smelly shoes but, after awhile, even our most favoritest shoes start to smell. That’s reality — you wear them, you sweat in them, you put in all the work, they are finally broken in and then ...


Training Lately: The Post 100 Mile Edition

Training lately... So, you run 100 miles. Then what? To tell you the honest truth, I had no idea what post 100 would look like . I didn’t even think about it. First, I had to run the miles . I trained through winter and sunless spring for one weekend. For all 38 hours of mud. ...


Training Lately & The Countdown to Georgia Death Race

. . .And, just like that, we are 3 weeks out from Georgia Death Race. Well, maybe it’s not really, just like that. Because just like that has included a whole lot of hard training this winter and a whole lot of real life. That’s the thing about the ultra running world - it somehow has ...