5 Bars You Should Simply Try

As the health nut, budget conscious, wannabe foodie, and picky eater, I rounded up some of my favorite bars. Enter the grocery store and scan the wall of “protein” bars and you are sure to be charged with one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make — there are just too many ...


Monday Mornings are for Smoothie Bowl Creations

Monday mornings are for smoothie bowl creations. Okay, not really, but this week it is. Smoothie bowls are SO pretty and trendy. And, while I could pretend I make them every day, I don’t . But, I made a rainbow bowl this morning as I was avoiding the planned long run in the less than ...


Food For Fuel: The Nutrition and Exercise Balance

Abs are Made In the Kitchen & Other Talk    You’ve heard it before, abs are made in the kitchen right?  Did you stop long enough to think about this and accept it as a truism and not some catchy phrase? For the sake of balance, I don’t suggest that you spend all of your time in the kitchen, ...