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100 Miles: A Really Long Chapter in the Ultra Running Storybook

How do you put 100 miles on paper? Well, you try unsucessfully, two or three or maybe even four times, and then you finally do. So, if long-winded chapters of my ultra running storybook are your jam, sit tight and read close. But, if it’s not your thing, I completely understand and I will ...


Running & Safety: The Non-Lecture Edition

Maybe I live a little too much in my own little world, but I have never been scared to run by myself. It’s what I do - I lace up my shoes and go out and run. Of course there are places I avoid and simple precautions that I take, but I go out ...


A Trail Running Dream Come True: 6 Miles in the Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, Mexico is a trail running dream come true. The trails are rocky, dirty and boast spectacular views. See. . . [photo credit: Stefania Curto] But, this experience wasn’t just my dream. The dream was shared – we followed a suspension bridge over the dry river to run. Running experience aside, we were there to soak up ...


My Not So Top Secret Trip to Mexico: The Short Story

Remember when I went to Mexico over a month ago? Well, I’m finally here to share some of the details. Thank you for your patience. I know you have been waiting for this FOREVER, right? We packed a lot of life into one 36-hour trip into the Copper Canyon. And, I will be back with more ...

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