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4 Running Stories You Should Know: Q & A with the Runners

Four stories. It was supposed to be five, but life is busy, and four is better than zero. So, I’m sharing. And, someday, the stories will probably amount to five, ten and, even twenty plus — because there is a lot of inspiration and connection out there. You always get my story or my really long ...


Training Lately: The Post 100 Mile Edition

Training lately... So, you run 100 miles. Then what? To tell you the honest truth, I had no idea what post 100 would look like . I didn’t even think about it. First, I had to run the miles . I trained through winter and sunless spring for one weekend. For all 38 hours of mud. ...


100 Miles: A Really Long Chapter in the Ultra Running Storybook

How do you put 100 miles on paper? Well, you try unsucessfully, two or three or maybe even four times, and then you finally do. So, if long-winded chapters of my ultra running storybook are your jam, sit tight and read close. But, if it’s not your thing, I completely understand and I will ...


A Trail Running Dream Come True: 6 Miles in the Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, Mexico is a trail running dream come true. The trails are rocky, dirty and boast spectacular views. See. . . [photo credit: Stefania Curto] But, this experience wasn’t just my dream. The dream was shared – we followed a suspension bridge over the dry river to run. Running experience aside, we were there to soak up ...

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