Smelly Shoe Fix: Arm & Hammer Shoe Refresher Spray Review

No one likes a smelly pair of shoes. No one.  And, let’s be clear, I’m not accusing you of having smelly shoes but, after awhile, even our most favoritest shoes start to smell. That’s reality — you wear them, you sweat in them, you put in all the work, they are finally broken in and then ...


Home Workout: Leg Day for Runners

featured here: band hops Strength training is absolutely crucial to a running training plan. So why is it that it is usually the first thing to go when the miles start to increase? Blame it on time, blame it on energy, blame it on fear that it will negatively impact your running, blame it on the ...


10 Steps to Your First Trail Adventures

So you want to start trail running? It’s the best decision you will ever make . It’s going to be life changing, in every good way, of course. Every trail is a new adventure and here is where you will find a few of our suggestions on how to make the most of it. Your first ...