Monday Mornings are for Smoothie Bowl Creations

Monday mornings are for smoothie bowl creations. Okay, not really, but this week it is. Smoothie bowls are SO pretty and trendy. And, while I could pretend I make them every day, I don’t . But, I made a rainbow bowl this morning as I was avoiding the planned long run in the less than ...


Don’t Outsource Your Food

Meals are among one of the many things that can be easily outsourced. So tempting right? But always keep in mind that nothing beats a home cooked meal (balanced with real food of course). Prepare your meals from scratch. You will gain a new appreciation for clean and nutritious ingredients, value storage containers for far ...


Simple Homemade Granola

Granola is a weekday snack staple for us - 1/4 cup of homemade granola, plain Greek yogurt, and some berries - and our mid-morning is seemingly complete. ?2 cups oats ?1 cup flax seed ?2 scoops vanilla protein* ?1/2 cup raw whole almonds ?1/2 raisins ?enough to make the mix sticky Pure Vermont Maple Syrup ?sprinkle of cinnamon 1. Mix all ...