Know Your Why


Whether you are training for your first 5k, a triathlon, an obstacle course race, a 50 mile race [by foot], a marathon or life, you have to start with the same training. You need to know your why.

Your why is the intention, the reason, the aim for something you want. Sometimes the why is very clear, other times it takes some “soul” searching and a serious talk with yourself. But, once you can comprehend, articulate and develop your why — you develop the reason behind what you do. The source of motivation, the power of commitment, the reason to put yourself out there and through the “hard.”

Your why often masks itself behind a face of determination, an attitude of positivity, and a feeling of on top of the world. Your why is the feeling attached to the goal.

Let me explain. I’ve never run an ultra marathon, to run an ultra marathon. There is so much more. I run these races for the feeling when you cross the finish line. The feeling when you overcome the hardest of challenges or the lowest of lows. The feeling that is best described as amazing, and more importantly, an amazing that is different for everyone.

You probably always have well-intentioned reasons behind what you do. I am asking you to stop and think about them further. The bigger meaning, the feeling attached to the reason – the why. It is this, and not the reason, that will be your strength in the face of challenge. It will be the reason you take one more step, or push yourself through one more hard training day, or the reason you overcome another one of life’s obstacles. Your why is the resolve you didn’t know you had, the determination and motivation for day-to-day successes and the heart behind what you do.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, if you can push through without reason, you must be from the lineage of super[wo]man. We all have a why and it’s usually really good, but it is going to take a little self-talk and discovery. And once you have found it – embrace it. Know why you are out there doing what you do, or what you are about to do. Know why every footstep counts. Know why you can keep going, even when you REALLY, I mean really, don’t want to.

So, stop and think beyond the simple reasons. Find the feelings, the bigger meaning, the one that will tug at your heart strings and help you find your own sense of amazing. That is your why.





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