5 Bars You Should Simply Try

As the health nut, budget conscious, wannabe foodie, and picky eater, I rounded up some of my favorite bars. Enter the grocery store and scan the wall of “protein” bars and you are sure to be charged with one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make — there are just too many options. There is a lot of hype, there are countless flavor combinations and there is a lot of not so healthy on those shelves [never let the package fool you!]. But, we can all agree that sometimes food is a bit more convenient when it comes in a package and can be tossed into a bag, grabbed quickly from the pantry snack bin, or packed for school lunch or pre-karate. So, tasted and tested by me [and, the fam], here’s the short & sweet line up of a few of our favorite healthIER options:


Health Warrior Chia Bar: Did you know this is the only bar with chia as the #1 ingredient? Now, you do. These bars have become the perfect fuel for the long run but they can serve as a pretty good afternoon snack too. You usually can’t go wrong with a chocolate peanut butter combo and with only 5g of sugar and 100 calories – I’ll give these a snack classification. On another note, the company story is amazing — inspired by Born to Run and the Tarahumara the company is making inspiration go full circle. Check this out! 

Eat Your Coffee – Mocha Latte: Raise your hand if you love coffee. It’s one of those things that we often say we can’t get enough of. What if I told you that you can now eat your coffee too..? If your favorite energy bar and coffee had a baby — coffee infused bars. A-maz-ing. You know what else is amazing, the company was founded by two coffee deprived Northeastern students [I can relate, I was once in their shoes too]. Try these energizing bars out for all of life’s adventures. Remember no synthetic caffeine here and they are organic, vegan and gluten free.

IsaLean Bar – Chocolate Cream Crisp: Remember, there is a difference between a snack bar and a meal bar. I’ll call this a meal bar. For a snack, divide it into two servings. This bar has 18 grams of protein, so it satisfies hunger when you are on the go. These are a staple in our house for busy travel schedules – this is our version of fast food. And, for those of you with a sweet tooth, reach for this instead of a candy bar – it’s delicious! [You will probably love a Dairy Free favorite too – Chocolate Coconut Almond – think, Almond Joy].

Bobo’s Coconut Oat Bar: I love these bars. The right amount of soft and chewy, the right amount of coconut, the right amount of fullness. Started as a Mom and Daughter afternoon baking activity, the bar, with no compromise to the original recipe, is now on shelves nationwide and frequents our pantry. It has a 4 ingredient base, offers two servings per bar and is simply, delicious.

Annie’s Double Chocolate Chip: We are big believers of learning the importance of making good food choices at a young age. Now, this is not to say that we don’t support having a snack now and then, we just look for the healthIER snack options [not as easy as you may think — but, entirely possible]. These bars meet the standard – lower in sugar than many competitors, with a focus on real ingredients and sustainable farming practices, Annie’s fits the needs of the littlest one in our house [parent approved, first].


So, taste test for yourself. If you try a bar from the list, let us know what you think. Or maybe you have a favorite that’s not listed here — if so, please share.

And, the next time you bar shop, keep these things in mind:

  1. Is the bar a meal or a snack?
  2. When will you eat this bar? Post workout? Lunch? All the time?
  3. How much sugar does it contain?
  4. Does the bar have a handful of ingredients or 50+?
  5. Is this a sometimes food or all the time food? [We believe in balance – sometimes we eat something just because it tastes good, we get that, but that Is a sometimes food.]

Happy snackin’ !


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