Friday Favorite: Tiux Compression Socks


There has been an interesting phenomenon in my [trail] running and fitness – crazed life –

I don’t go anywhere without my knee high socks [made even better by compression.]

I realize this probably doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, maybe I’m channeling my inner badass, maybe I’m keeping my muscles cozy and tight, or maybe I’m just protecting myself from the almost knee high mud. Whatever the reason, they are a must have.

Newest sock love: Tiux Compression [pink, NEON yellow, lavender]

I’m a firm believer, the brighter the socks, the better the run. If you are a [female] runner, maybe you have already heard of them. Tiux, is a start-up company of dreamers looking to challenge the status quo – high quality compression at an exceptional value. After wearing these socks multiple times, I am certain they have this covered.

The socks are fashionable and functional – tight, but not too tight.  And, the colors, well the colors are what sold me from the beginning.

When you think about running socks, you think about a couple things that matter:

1. Fit: The size matters when it comes to compression. I wear an XS. And, they fit, PERFECT. I was between sizes when I measured my calves/ankles and it was suggested that you order down – and, I am sure glad they did. If you are not sure about your size – reach out to customer service – they will help.

2. Comfort: If I am going to wear something for incredibly long distances, they have to be comfortable. These socks are just that. Tight, but not too tight. No strange seams to drive me crazy, they stay put, and let me stress again, they are tight, but not too tight [if you are in the running world, I can guarantee you know what I am talking about]. On another note, they are marked left and right – LOVE that – attention to anatomical design at its finest, contoured fit with a Y heal, and extra cushion on the footbed.

3. Look: It has to look good. Silly, maybe? But, I am a firm believer that the race outfit makes the race, the brighter the socks, the better the run. You can bet, these bright pink variety will be coming with me to Georgia Death Race in March.

4, Affordability: Listen friends, I am not made of money, but I believe in spending money on quality gear that supports what I do. And, these socks are an excellent price for the quality. For a pair of beautiful, calve snuggling socks, $35 is a great deal.

Tiux has been great and offered a pair of socks to one of my lucky readers. Check out Instagram to see how to enter.


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