Lack of Passion is Fatal

|| here goes nothing, could be the start of everything || 

This morning the alarm went off at 3:50 AM – not for a workout, but for a work date. Every Thursday, I wake up, send a good morning message, take a hot shower, take the dogs outside, make a cup of coffee and some lemon water with extra ice and find a seat in my home office for a 5:15 AM call with Jesse [maybe this brings out much of my Type A personality – routine, structure, I need it].

Thursday’s at 5:15AM – It’s our time to talk all things business – the projects, the people, the tasks, the deadlines, the responsibilities. The HOW we are going to make it all happen. It’s not easy, it’s not for everyone, but it works for us. And, here is why:

[reader warning: real talk, long talk.]

So, here is a quick glimpse inside our real life. Not the life that is captured by a small square in the social media world, but the whole life. The things that make it go full circle.

The last months have not been the easiest transition. But, like I always say, life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. We are stronger individuals because of the life changes we have made. we are a stronger team. We discovered a lot about each other and even more about ourselves [and, this part will continue]. We are strong and we are weak, and we can use both to our advantage.

We currently live and work apart during the weekdays and try to fit it ALL in on the weekends. We tackle work, the launch of something new and exciting [with exciting that can only be shared via phone call], two workouts a day, dogs + a cat, a 6 year old and the other things categorized as “stuff”. This happens all week long, and then we get to the weekend — our hours together. But, it isn’t REALLY quality time because the stresses of the week carry over, the need to get everything done has us on go, go, go and it all has to happen in 48 hours [sometimes less]. It’s kind of like pounding the treadmill – over and over and over again.

But, we are doing it. because if you fast forward to 3 months from now, there is a reason for all of this [crazy].

In 3 months, we will wake up together daily. we will share morning sweat sessions, trail runs and strength training hours. We will relocate to our home office post workout and refueling, to tackle life goals, side-by-side. It is our way to honor and support each other’s passions. we will be able to protect family time, our time, and friend time much better. We will be able to establish balance while still working hard. 

We realize that not everyone agrees with our life decisions. And, that’s okay. What we do, what we believe in, and what we want to share, is not for everyone. It takes a lot of hard to get to the good. It takes a lot of belief in the bigger picture. It takes a lot of missed opportunities for one good opportunity. It takes a willingness to take a chance.

It takes life transformation. It takes giving everything you’ve got. It takes heart, intention and passion. It takes embracing the fear, accepting that is never going to be perfect and there is going to be a lot of challenge. It’s accepting who you are [individually and as a team] and sharing it with others. The world will probably accept it with open arms, and even when they don’t, you flex those inner muscles, and know you are doing the right thing.

We took a really big life chance friends — we are going after it, and we are living.


we are sharing it all with you, one day at a time.


here is following heart, living with intention and embracing passion.

here is a whole lot of fear, the acceptance that it’s never going to be perfect [ok, I’m actually still working on this one], and a lot of challenge. here is accepting that you can do hard things.

here is the meaning of ‪#‎musclesandmiles‬
it’s about playing full out, it’s about making progress, even if it’s slow progress, it’s about who you are and what you really want. it’s about flexing those muscles [all of them] and putting one foot in front of the other. 

* * *

Here is the spark of this post, I found this in my never made it to the blog archives…

If I owned a real life diary, this is what it would have said, circa winter 2015. One year later, I’m following passion. Maybe the diary writing me is psychic too? 

Flashback Early 2015: Maybe I stumbled upon this fitness and healthy living craze, addiction, life (call it what you will, I’m not much for characterization) by accident.  Or maybe I didn’t. 

Something was missing from my day-to-day routine.

If you know me at all, I don’t sit still, e v e r.

I’m competitive, full of energy, need a challenge and passionate – but, passion was missing from the day-to-day routine.

24 hours went by and the next day began. I needed something more, something else. And, I wasn’t going to find that at 5:00 happy hour. Instead, I found it circa 5:00AM at the gym, 8:00AM on race weekend and at hour 11 out on the mountain.

Downfall or epic beginning (it’s about perspective) – it was healthy living, and I was hooked.

But, remember, I’m not a professional athlete (athlete, yes — professional or elite, no). I don’t get paid for any of this, I train and race for fun (yes, FUN) because I have a why.

And, like most people, I work at my desk (now, my home office desk) for 8+ hours every day. However, this desk, this home office, it’s something more. It’s how I am living out passion.

So, the big question, how do you live with passion? [If you find the answer, please let me know].


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