Monday Mornings are for Smoothie Bowl Creations

Monday mornings are for smoothie bowl creations. Okay, not really, but this week it [Monday] is.


Smoothie bowls are SO pretty and trendy. And, while I could pretend I make them every day, I don’t [ezekial toast, almond butter and banana is a more convenient pre-run snack]. But, I made a rainbow bowl this morning as I was avoiding the planned long run in the less than happy temperature. So, I figured I would continue the procrastination, keep my fingers crossed that the sunshine warms things up even a couple of degrees and document this creation and my thoughts. [Yes, you are welcome]. Just for the record, I will also run with Jesse later today.

Let’s break down my smoothie bowl. You will need a blender, a few nutrient-dense ingredients and about 5 minutes [not inclusive of consumption]. In this house, it’s always about fueling for [everyday] performance, so we talk about the nutrients over the calories. That’s why I moved the smoothie from the blender cup to a big bowl – more room for treats [nutrients].


¼ – ½ cup of frozen berries [Organic cherries]

1 peeled kiwi

1 handful of blueberries

¼ sprouted oat granola

2 scoops vanilla shake

For this bowl, I used:

kiwi [I used Mighties Kiwi – check out the Be Mightie challenge on MyFitnessPal too!]

granola [I used One Degree Sprouted Oat Granola, Honey Hemp]

meal shake [Isagenix Vanilla Shake & Ionic Supreme]



  1. Combine the smoothie ingredients [frozen berries, EXTRA ice, water, shake mix & Ionic Supreme] and blend until thickly, smooth.
  1. Pour into a bowl. Top with your favorite smoothie toppings [kiwi, blueberries, granola].
  1. For the most yum, grab a spoon and serve IMMEDIATELY.


This rainbow bowl of goodness is the perfect performance fuel. Nutrition by the spoonful – vitamins, potassium, fiber, carbs, protein – it’s all in there. Don’t forget the kiwi – this is kiwi season and it’s a mighty little super fruit. Use this as a favorite breakfast mix, pre-workout OR post-workout meal – you decide.

Mix and match ingredients – that’s where the fun begins. Next time, I’ll probably add a frozen banana to add to that thickly smooth consistency. Chia, seeds, more fruit and coconut all sound pretty great too. And, I won’t take so many pictures. I’ll enjoy the bowl immediately. Post photo shoot bowls may call for a straw, not a spoon.

Overall, I’m going to go ahead and say smoothie bowls win. I’ll work on the perfection details in the upcoming weeks.

And, if you have already figured out this smoothie in-a-bowl trick, please [pretty please] name your favorite bowl in the comments. [I’ve never claimed to be a great cook or even like to spend time in the kitchen].


I think this almost like having ice cream for breakfast…?

2 Responses
  • Sandra Laflamme
    December 19, 2016

    Yum! I love smoothies and smoothie bowls. Kiwis make a great addition!

    • Muscles & Miles
      December 19, 2016

      I always see these pretty little creations and I finally took the time to make one. And, then spent a little too long on the photo shoot. I’m going to have to make these every once in awhile. Ingredient thoughts?

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